Have you ever gone through Oswego and noticed that something was off, but kept walking either because you didn’t care, or didn’t want to get involved? This is because a world exists outside of our own, known solely as “The Nocternum”. A world where the night thrives. Where street signs point you in wrong directions, bizarre creatures lie just underneath the waves and dropped calls are people talking to you from beyond time and space. In Oswego, the Nocternum is strong and one man with a radio show and deep voice works to uncover the truth and protect both worlds from the prying eyes. So, take my hand, as we walk through the Nocternum.



Producer / Voice of Mr. Shade:
Matthew Fernandez

Matthew Fernandez is currently a freshmen at SUNY Oswego, studying Software engineering, Cognitive science, and Art. This self-proclaimed “jack of all trades” has interests in graphic design, acting, computer programming, and more. He lives to create, and has a story to tell, he just asks that you are willing to listen.


Lead Writer:
Joey Palluconi

Joey Palluconi is currently a senior at SUNY Oswego, studying Cinema and Creative writing. He was raised on The Universal Monsters, Comics, Star Wars and because of this he is on a constant journey to create bizarre stories. He is in a constant state of joy, so, if you want to talk nerd culture with him, you will be there for a long, time. However, sometimes he blends reality and fiction. If you see him running into an alley way, it’s probably to change into his superhero outfit, so he can fight crime.